Assurance and Compliance Services

Abacus Row

Our highly-efficient process ensures that a thorough and timely assurance service is conducted. Partners will work directly with you to ensure you receive added value from each engagement.

An audit from EBD comes with the following benefits and features:

  • An EBD partner will be directly involved in your audit
  • Our efficient auditing process keeps your staff members free to complete their normal daily job functions
  • Audit will provide valuable information and feedback on your business

Review Benefits and Features:

  • An EBD partner will be directly involved
  • Limited assurance
  • Less time-intensive than audit
  • Analytical approach to analyzing financial statements

Compilation and Preparation Benefits and Features:

  • An EBD partner will be directly involved
  • Financials compiled or prepared by CPA directly from company-provided records and information
  • Customized and professional presentation

We can provide certification of the American Land Title Association (ALTA) Best Practices Framework: Assessment Procedures program certification for title companies, closing attorneys and closing agents.

We understand businesses as a whole and are in tune with each unique business function, not just the financial process. We strive to form a relationship with you and your business. Our objective is not to simply fulfill the service you requested but to also help your business grow.

Is your business in need of a compliance audit? Contact us, and let us work together to grow your business.